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VERED Organic Botanicals - Divinité Eau de Parfume


Description & product Benefits

Discover VERED Organic Botanicals Divinité Perfume Oil, a captivating and sensual blend that envelops you in rich, luxurious layers of aromatic bliss. Free from toxic chemicals found in conventional perfumes and safe for pregnancy, Divinité Perfume Oil offers a pure and natural alternative that allows you to indulge in a luxurious, guilt-free fragrance experience.

This expertly crafted perfume oil features the warm, luscious essence of cacao and vanilla beans, seamlessly intertwined with the soft, intoxicating notes of rose otto. An undertone of spicy-sweet pink peppercorn adds an irresistible allure, making this fragrance a true heavenly aphrodisiac that awakens all your senses.


Ingredient Highlights:

  • Cacao Absolute: Immerse yourself in the rich, warm, and sensuous chocolate aroma, complemented by a mildly spicy undertone that adds depth and intrigue.

  • Vanilla Bean CO2: This soft, sweet, yet richly intense note provides a balsamic body with a woody, spicy tobacco tone, adding a layer of comfort and warmth to the fragrance.

  • Rose Otto: The fresh, warm, and deeply floral scent of rose otto introduces a hint of pepper and earthy green notes, creating a sweet but complex and full-bodied aroma.

  • Pink Peppercorn: Dry, warm, and sweet-spicy, with a faint floral note and a slightly smoky undertone, this ingredient adds a sophisticated and exotic touch.


Transform your scent profile with VERED Organic Botanicals Divinité Perfume Oil, and let its sultry and sophisticated aroma wrap you in a warm, luscious embrace, enhancing your mood and well-being with every application.

Why we love it

Divinité Perfume Oil is free from toxic chemicals, safe for pregnancy, and made with natural ingredients. The scent—cacao, vanilla, rose otto, and pink peppercorn—is luxurious and lifts up your mood. Finally, a safe, natural perfume that smells fantastic!

How to use

Apply to pulse points: temples, neck, behind ears, collarbones, elbows, behind knees, and wrists. Avoid contact with clothing. Reapply throughout the day for an uplifting aromatic experience.


Alcohol (Grape Alcohol)*, Aroma•, Linalool°, Limonene°, Geraniol°, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Citral°, Citronellol°.

*Certified organic/ •Aroma-blend of 100% pure organic essential oils/ °Naturally occurring from essential oils, absolutes, and CO2’s

  • Certified organic, wild-crafted plant oils & herbs
  • 100% pure organic essential oils
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of all synthetics & harsh chemicals

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