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Alani Organics Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you with anything you need.  Of course, if your question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer care team here, who will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

General Questions

What is your company's philosophy when it comes to beauty and skincare?
Our philosophy is multi-faceted, and we insist on an ultra-pure approach to skincare and wellness. It starts with the belief that beauty and healthy skin go hand-in-hand. No one should compromise their health to achieve radiant skin which is why we don’t agree with unnecessary toxic chemicals so often used in skincare and wellbeing products.
We believe in nourishing the body through natural skincare and wellness products using Organic and wildcrafted ingredients. All of our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free too, and use kind, gentle ingredients including quality bio-actives.
Our partner brands’ products go through rigorous screening to ensure that their ingredients are of food-grade purity and highly efficacious. Furthermore, every skincare product on our website is clinically proven to deliver powerful, skin-transforming results.
The environment is also high up on our priority list because part of taking care of ourselves includes respecting the environment. We select brand partners that are as sustainable as possible as we want to protect the planet for future generations.
What is your company's philosophy when it comes to beauty and skincare?
Yes, you can read our skincare guide here for further information.
What ingredients are commonly used and excluded in your products?
We are very strict about using ingredients that are as natural as possible and we never sell products with any toxic chemicals involved.
Rest assured, skincare ingredients are of food-grade purity, such as exotic oils, butters, beauty-boosting vitamins, herbs, fruits, clinically-proven botanical extracts and Australian natives.
Our partners’ wellness products are safe, good for you and sustainable. They are plant-based, involving blending traditional, naturopathic herbs with vitamins and minerals.
Australian ingredients (from brand partner Edible Beauty Australia) are certified as toxin and allergen-free, they are 100% bio-available and stable phyto actives.
Our BANNED Ingredients
You won’t find any of the following in our products: Accutane, aluminum, artificial fragrance, benzoyl peroxide, beta hydroxy acids (beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)), BPA, chemical sunscreens, diethanolamine (DEA), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), EDTAs (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or edetic acid), formaldehyde, high-allergen essential oils, hydroquinone, oxybenzone, mineral oil, parabens, petroleum, phthalates phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol (PEGs), retinoids, salicylic acid (in high doses), silicone, SLES (sodium Laureth sulfate), SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), sulfates, tazorac, thioglycolic acid, toluene and triclosan.
How do I do a patch test before using your products?
Patch tests are important to conduct before trying a new product because everyone’s skin is different, and some skins are more sensitive than others. While the products on our website are as natural as possible and toxin-free using kind, gentle ingredients we still recommend performing a patch test prior to use.
Start by applying the product to a small area of skin, where it won’t be seen and where you’re unlikely to remove the product through rubbing or washing. The inside of the arm is a good idea, or at the bend in your elbow. Next, apply the product to a small area (the size of a quarter). Leave the product on your skin for as long as possible. If you notice a reaction wash it off quickly. If no reaction appears over the following few hours, your skin should be perfectly fine to use the product.
What is the shelf life of the products on Alani Organic’s website?
Many of the products sourced by Alani Organics have a shelf life and this is because they are wild harvested, therefore as natural as possible, with gentle ingredients, some of them are even food-grade purity. That means there aren’t any toxic preservatives involved, so our Edible Beauty Australia and Earth Mama Organics products have a sell by and best by date on all products. LOTUSWEI’S mists can last several years, as long as they aren’t stored close to extreme heat or direct sunlight. LOTUSWEI chocolate can be consumed up to two years, as long as it is stored in a cool, dark room.
Are products safe to use during pregnancy and nursing?
As our brand targets motherhood at all stages, we insist that our products do not contain any ingredients known to be unsafe during pregnancy. Those ingredients are as follows: accutane, aluminum, benzoyl peroxide, beta hydroxy acids (beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), diethanolamine (DEA), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), formaldehyde, hydroquinone, oxybenzone, parabens, phthalates, retinoids, salicylic acid (in high doses), tazorac, thioglycolic acid, toluene and triclosan.
Furthermore, our products do not contain artificial fragrance, petroleum, mineral oil or sulfates. If you’re a Mama-to-Be, New Mama or Nursing Mama, you can feel confident in our products. We already have many pregnant and nursing mothers who happily use our products. Additionally, many of these mothers have sought approval on our products from their healthcare providers. Having said that, it’s always wise to reach out to your own health provider before incorporating anything new to your routine while pregnant or nursing. Remember, while one provider may be comfortable with you using a particular product, another may want to exercise caution. See our BANNED ingredients above.
At Alani, we strongly believe that nothing is more important than your new baby – so we want you to feel complete confidence in what you choose to put on your body, and in your body too.
Are your pregnancy skincare products tested for allergens and irritants?
All of our products are formulated to contain non-irritating ingredients. Furthermore, our partner Edible Beauty, Australia has Australian certification, depicting toxin and allergen-free products.
Our Earth Mama Organics products come with dermatologist testing and clinical testing for irritation. We would like to mention that skin allergens are personal so kindly review the ingredients lists for products you plan to use to determine if your known allergens are in the products we sell.
Should you have a specific question or concern surrounding product safety, allergies or ingredients, we recommend consulting with your midwife, naturopathic doctor, or other trusted healthcare professional knowledgeable about the use of herbs during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
Are your pregnancy skincare products free from retinoids, salicylic acid, artificial fragrance, SLS, parabens, synthetic preservatives, and other potentially harmful ingredients?
Yes, they most definitely are, and you can view our BANNED ingredients list above, we won’t work with any harmful or toxic ingredients because your health comes first.
Do your products address common skin concerns during pregnancy, such as stretch marks, hormonal changes, and sensitive skin?
Yes, we have a couple of fantastic products designed specifically for skin issues that arise during pregnancy. You can check them out here.
Do you sell sunscreen products that are safe enough for pregnancy and newborns?
We do – our partners, Edible Beauty Australia created an award-winning, non-greasy sunscreen called Basking Beauty that is importantly natural, and it contains age-defying SPF50 protection thanks to zinc oxide. It’s completely safe for pregnancy and for newborns. You can read more here.
Are your products safe for newborns and children?
As we insist on toxin-free, kind and safe ingredients for all of our products, we believe that every skincare item on our website is perfectly safe for newborns and children. All ingredients are gentle enough for even the most delicate baby’s skin. We also have a list of BANNED chemicals and ingredients; you can view that list above.
Can I use your baby skincare products if my baby has eczema or other skin conditions?
We are proud to stock Earth Mama Organics and their specific eczema relief products are made with safe, gentle and kind ingredients, suitable for eczema-prone and sensitive skin. Furthermore, Earth Mama’s products are award-winning, and make their skincare free from steroids, harsh artificial preservatives, petroleum, chemical sunscreens, or fragrances. The following products are safe for use on your baby (and you too!): Eczema Cream, Simply Non-Scents Baby Wash, and Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion.
Do your baby skincare products avoid common allergens such as parabens, sulfates, and artificial dyes?
Absolutely! The above ingredients (and many others) are BANNED from Alani Organics. You can read our full list of forbidden ingredients here.
Is there an Alani Organics loyalty program?
Not yet – but it’s something we’re looking at for the future, so watch this space!
Can you recommend products for specific skin concerns (e.g., acne, aging, sensitivity etc.)?
Yes, you can read about recommended products in our skincare guide here.
Do you have a customer care team to assist me?
Yes, we do, get in touch with our friendly customer care team by emailing support@alaniorganics.com and we’ll do our very best to help.
Do you offer a wholesale program?
Please visit our Wholesale Page here for further information.
Will my personal information be kept private?
Yes. At Alani Organics we respect your right to privacy. Therefore, the information collected on this website will follow strict privacy guidelines and we never sell information to any third party. You can read more about your personal information in our Privacy Policy.
Shipping and Packaging Questions
Do you use recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging?
Being sustainable and environmentally-friendly is very important to us and all the brands we partner with use 100% recyclable packaging. Packaging materials include recyclable options, sugar cane or PCR (recycled plastic) packaging that can also be recycled. Some outer cartons are made of FSC certified card (also recyclable). Our boxes are 100% curbside recyclable and made from approximately 30%-40% recycled materials. Whenever possible, we source from local mills with the highest available post-consumer recycled content.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we only ship within the USA but hopefully in the future we will ship to more locations.
What is your shipping time?
Orders are processed and shipped within 2 to 5 business days from the order placement/payment date. All orders are shipped using USPS ground or priority shipping. As soon as your order ships, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with tracking information. Please make sure your account and address information is correct before completing your order. We cannot offer refunds or replacements for incorrect addresses or shipments shown as “delivered” when tracked. Orders returned to us due to an incorrect address will be resent only after your own purchase of new postage.
How do I track my order?
Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking order so you can keep an eye on your purchase.
Returns, Refunds and Exchanges
What is your return, exchange, and refund policy?
All Alani Organics Pamper Packages are wrapped up by hand and sent with love. Should the unlikely happen and you receive an incorrect item, please contact us here and we will happily send out a replacement.
We cannot accept returns or process a refund for a product used that you experience sensitivity to or an allergic reaction. We do ask that you read the full list of ingredients displayed on our website for anything you purchase to avoid any problems. Our customer care team is also there for you to answer any questions about our products should you want further advice, you can contact the customer care team via email on support@alaniorganics.com.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for used products or open products for general reasons of dissatisfaction such as the scent or texture. Furthermore, we are so confident in the efficacy of all products available on our website that we’re sure we can help you with any skin concern you have. Just get in touch prior to purchase to ensure you get the right products for your skin type/concern and check our ingredients’ lists which are displayed on every product page.
We suggest you also read the product description to make sure that there’s no chance of allergy before purchasing any of our products. Finally, please check your purchase before opening or using the products to make sure your order is correct. Our aim is for you to completely benefit from your chosen products, and we only want to create an enjoyable experience for you. If you are unsatisfied with anything at all, including product quality, retain the item(s) and get in touch to discuss any concerns and the opportunity to resolve any issues. We may ask that you return the items for quality control. As always, we appreciate all customer feedback.
We suggest you also read the product description to make sure that there’s no chance of allergy before purchasing any of our products. Finally, please check your purchase before opening or using the products to make sure your order is correct. Our aim is for you to completely benefit from your chosen products, and we only want to create an enjoyable experience for you. If you are unsatisfied with anything at all, including product quality, retain the item(s) and get in touch to discuss any concerns and the opportunity to resolve any issues. We may ask that you return the items for quality control. As always, we appreciate all customer feedback.
I have a damaged delivery – what should I do?
We ask that all deliveries are checked by you upon arrival. If your products arrive damaged or broken, please get in touch with us within 48 hours to discuss a credit note or replacement products. We respectfully ask that you take any photographs of the damage incurred, this will help us to address any shipping issues going forwards.

Brand-Specific Questions and Answers

Earth Mama Organics

What are the little white specks in the Organic Nipple Butter, Organic Diaper Balm, and Organic Perineal Balm?
Earth Mama Organics’ products are as natural as can be and those small, white specks are natural plant butters which go solid when they’re cold. As soon as you warm the balm up between your fingers, the white specks melt. Please note that products made with natural ingredients may vary in appearance.
Do I need to wash off the Organic Nipple Butter before breastfeeding my baby?
No – it’s perfectly safe for Bubba!
Are all Earth Mama Organics Products actually Organic?
All ingredients are disclosed on the product page so you can read exactly what’s in every product. Earth Mama Organics products also have the Organic certifier listed (either Oregon Tilth or OTCO), giving you added peace of mind.
Did you know that Organic means that the plant was grown without harmful pesticides – respecting the earth, soil, farmer and consumer. Earth Mama Organics only source from certified Organic farms as these farms follow stringent procedures, with no toxic chemical fertilizers. Earth Mama’s Organic ingredients are as pure as possible – and this is monitored throughout all stages of manufacture. Of course, some ingredients, for example, water and salt, can never be Organic and will therefore not hold Organic certification.
Why are some Earth Mama Organics products Non-GMO verified?
Earth Mama Organics believes that Mamas deserve to know exactly what’s in their products and that’s why products are verified for GMOs. It’s reassuring to know that Earth Mama Organics products are Non-GMO verified (not genetically modified) – 100% Organic, made with Organic ingredients. It’s really about giving Mamas even more confidence that Earth Mama Organics products are super-kind, super-gentle, and super-clean through and through!
Should I be worried about using stuff that’s not Non-GMO?
With Earth Mama’s products, no. While there’s a lot of negative press surrounding some ingredients commonly used in personal care products, Earth Mama Organics works tirelessly to only use good-for-you ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about those ingredients in our own products. All products are so gentle and kind, they’re ideal for Mamas and Bubbas, even more so because they’re free from toxins, artificial preservatives, fragrances, surfactants, emulsifiers, sulfates, parabens, antibacterial chemicals, nut oils and lanolin.
What’s the concern surrounding lanolin?
There’s the possibility of pesticide exposure and wool allergies with lanolin so Earth Mama Organics doesn’t use anything containing this ingredient.
Does Organic castile soap kill germs?
Yes, it does – there’s no need to use any soap containing Alani Organics’ BANNED ingredient Triclosan!
What preservatives do you use to preserve products so they’re free from bacteria and mold?
You’ll be pleased to hear that Earth Mama Organics’ sales and oils don’t contain water, so they don’t need preservatives.
The lotions are made by blending oils and water and due to the Organic natural ingredients involved, Earth Mama Organics know they could potentially grow bacteria or mold, but to combat this, the company has a special, 100% Organic preservative system which involves a certified Organic alcohol extract of Organic herbs. It’s super-safe – and as you can see, there’s no need for nasty, synthetic preservatives.
When do Earth Mama products expire?
Earth Mama Organics uses a special coding system that has a Sell By/Best By date and a batch and lot code. It’s a series of numbers that resembles something like this 202210. The 2022 refers to the year, and the 10 refers to the month, in this case October. This guarantees this product stays at its best until that date. There’s another code too, that states the Best By date, for example, OCT2022, which means October 2022.
Could using an expired product harm my baby?
Best By indicates the length of time our products remain fresh, but this date is not an expiry date. To stay on top of quality control, Earth Mama Organics keep samples from every batch. Some of our products are over 5 years old and still suitable for use. However, the company recommends being your own judge. If it smells odd, refrain from using it! A good way to prolong the use of oils and salves is keeping them in a cool, dry place and not in direct sunlight.
Will any Earth Mama Organic products irritate my baby’s allergies?
Always check any products’ ingredients lists to see if there are any known allergens. Should you have a specific concern about product safety, allergies or ingredients – or a concern, it’s best you speak to your naturopathic doctor, midwife or other healthcare professional who knows about using herbal products during the pregnancy and nursing stages.
Why don’t you use glass bottles and jars rather than plastic bottles and jars?
Earth Mama Oragnics has reasons why they don’t use glass in packaging. The plastic bottles and jars are BPA-free and recyclable PET. These types of containers are safe for our products and for you. They also color our containers to repel harmful UV rays. Furthermore, PET is a safe plastic and weighs less than glass, plus it’s easy to recycle. This material is safe for products that Mamas carry in diaper bags and store around bathtubs. PET is good for skincare products too, especially those containing essential oils because it has a high permeability resistance rating. Why is this important? Simply because essential oils are powerful, they each have their own level of potencies and individual properties. When you combine an essential oil with a salve, balm, lotion or oil, the potency of the oil dilutes, and it can also damage plastic.
Originally, the company packaged essential oil products in glass but as it is extremely breakable, they decided to stop. Earth Mama Organics doesn’t want any accidents, especially as bottles and jars tend to drop, that’s dangerous near a baby. That’s what prompted the switch to PET – and all PET used is suitable for teething babies too, it’s that safe! Of course, glass is more sustainable and eco-friendlier BUT it presents other dangers and Earth Mama Organics’ mission is to look after Mamas and Bubbas as best as possible.

Edible Beauty Australia

Is Edible Beauty Australia certified Organic?
All Edible Beauty Australia products are made using certified Organic ingredients and wildcrafted ingredients. The latter are from plants, fruit, and herbs that grows in their natural habitat, mainly arid regions of Australia. Due to this, they can’t be certified Organic as they aren’t grown in a controlled way. However, wildcrafted botanicals are completely pure and Edible Beauty Australia believes these plants, fruits, and herbs to be so pure that they’re even more therapeutic than Organic ingredients. Any other ingredients used are listed as Organic (see the asterisk on the ingredients lists). A good example is the Edible Beauty Australia teas which are certified as 90% Organic.
Are Edible Beauty Australia products suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Edible Beauty Australia was originally developed especially for women trying to conceive and for pregnancy, so all the skincare products are perfectly safe for these life stages. Even the Native Collagen Powder is safe for pregnancy. The tea collection consists of traditional herbs and many of those herbs haven’t been tested during pregnancy so it’s best to check if the teas (or indeed any other product) you wish to use are safe for use by speaking to your medical practitioner, midwife or other trusted healthcare professional knowledgeable about the use of herbs during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
What is Edible Beauty Australia’s product shelf-life?
Unopened products last two years and once opened, products last approximately 12 months. The company recommend using Edible Beauty Australia products within 6 months for maximum efficacy (see the open jar symbol on the packaging for guidance).
Do Edible Beauty Australia products contain parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate?
All Edible Beauty Australia products are free from parabens, alcohol, phthalates, preservatives, and sodium lauryl sulfate. See the Alani Organics BANNED ingredients list here.
What packaging does Edible Beauty Australia use?
Skincare products are packaged in 100% recyclable dark violet MIRON glass bottles that are made in Switzerland. These bottles block all light as light deteriorates preservative-free and toxin-free ingredients. Glass also protects the products, keeping the ingredients as active and fresh as possible.
The MIRON glass bottles are shatter-resistant and act as perfect cool, dark storage for natural products.
Other packaging used for Edible Beauty Australia products is entirely recyclable, right up to the delivery boxes and comprises of a BioFill (made from starch) environmentally-friendly alternative.

LOTUSWEI Questions

What is flower essence?
Flower essence (or flower elixirs) are liquid infusions from fresh flowers. They use water that carries the bioenergetic imprint of the flower involved. This imprint reacts in the same way as acupuncture (but without a needle in sight!). When flower essence is applied, it works through the same acupuncture channels to shift state of mind. Often, it takes just a few minutes and builds up the effect over time.
Can flower essence be used during pregnancy and nursing?
Yes – flower essence is completely safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. Flower essence doesn’t have scent (different to essential oils which are distilled/extracted from plants and transformed into aromatic oils), so products won’t aggravate morning sickness.
What’s the difference between flower essence and essential oils?
Flower essence doesn’t have scent which instantly makes it different to aromatherapy. However, the beauty of flower essence is that it works through acupuncture meridians, so it has the same extraordinary benefits. Flower essence is a liquid infusion that contains the life-force of a flower or plant (sometimes known as the “chi”). Essential oils use generous amounts of plant materials to become as pungent as they are. Flower essence only uses a small amount of blooms to create the powerful elixirs. This means that it is a more sustainable option, and the most sustainable of all natural remedies.
n Is flower essence safe for newborns, babies and children?
Yes – flower essence is completely safe for everyone – even during pregnancy.
How often should I use flower essence?
For the best results, it’s recommended to use flower essence mist five times a day (minimum). Mist around your face and shoulders. If you do this, you should notice good results within 3 to 5 days, you should notice that your mindset alters positively.
Are LOTUSWEI products vegan?
Yes, all mists and bath salts are vegan, furthermore all chocolate bars are created using vegan ingredients and ethical cacao as well as being Organic, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and Non-GMO.
What’s the shelf-life of LOTUSWEI products?
LOTUSWEI mists remain stable for one year. LOTUSWEI chocolate stays stable for 2 years when stored in a cool, dark room. If the chocolate is stored in a high temperature (78 Deg F+) for longer than 4 months, chocolate could bloom. This means cocoa butter rises to the chocolate’s surface making it less visually appealing, but it is still perfectly safe for consumption. You could always use it in recipes such as cookies, cakes or pancakes if preferred.
What makes LOTUSWEI different to other flower essence companies?
LOTUSWEI collects flower elixirs by hand, sourced from remote and special places across the globe. The places include sacred areas in India, botanical gardens in Singapore and even as far away as Iceland to name a few. All products are free from artificial fragrances, phthalates, synthetics and harmful chemicals. Any essential oils used are sourced from certified Organic farmers and all packaging involves ultraviolet glass bottles to preserve the flower essence. All products are packaged by hand in the USA.
Can I use LOTUSWEI flower essence if I’m allergic to flowers?
Following collection of the first flower essence, LOTUSWEI flower elixirs are diluted several times, this makes them gentle enough for those with flower allergies – even very strong allergies. Furthermore, the final diluting of the essence removes any plant properties and keeps the energetic imprint (the essence) of the flower. =You should be perfectly safe to use LOTUSWEI flower essence.
Can I use more than one mist at a time?
Yes, you can, and it can even improve your wellbeing because the flower essence work together. It’s best to start with one if you want to focus on a specific result – that means you can see how well it works before introducing another, but you can use more than one to begin with if you prefer.
How long does one bottle of LOTUSWEI flower essence last?
5 drops five times a day will give you approximately 3 to 4 weeks of use.
What will flower essence do for me?
At the start, you’ll feel less irritation and find life easier to cope with, stress lessens, and sleep improves. You’ll also find that strong emotions reduce. For those using flower essence longer-term, your mindset alters so you feel calmer and more fulfilled. You might also experience better relationships, discover new relationships, or feel an inner confidence to try new things, such as a career change or doing something you’ve always longed to do but perhaps felt afraid to try before!