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About Us

Alani Organics is a trusted source for clean, pH-balanced skincare. Our products, made with organic, natural, biodynamic, and ethically sourced ingredients, maintain skin's natural balance. We empower women to make health-conscious beauty choices.

Exceptional Quality Meets Clean, Non-Toxic and Cruelty-Free Beauty

In Hawaiian, 'Alani' means 'orange,' symbolizing vibrancy and vitality. In Tongan, it signifies 'happy,' embodying joy and positivity. Additionally, in Old German, 'Alani' means 'precious' and 'awakening.' These meanings perfectly capture the essence of Alani Organics, a brand that combines premium quality with clean, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty curated just for you. Founded by Georgina Menzalji, Alani Organics is rooted in her personal experience on a transformative wellness journey. Alani Organics reflects the precious journey of life through non-toxic, clean skincare, and wellbeing products. It’s about reawakening humanity's heart to an organic, non-toxic way of life.

From Personal Need to Global Vision

Navigating significant hormonal and skin changes, our founder Georgina recognized an urgent need for a tested and trusted source for clean beauty brands and products without compromising on performance. Inspired by her own health challenges, including going through IVF, and those of her family, she created Alani Organics—a commitment to all women who prioritize their health and beauty.

Why Clean Matters

We believe in the transformative power of clean, organic ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. Our commitment to wellness is holistic; true beauty is rooted in self-care and self-love, principles that guide every brand and product we curate and select.

At Alani Organics, all brands and products we select are tested and proven to maintain the natural pH level of your skin. This crucial balance supports the skin's barrier, protecting it from irritants and environmental stressors while promoting moisture retention. By using pH-balanced skincare, you are helping to ensure your skin remains resilient, hydrated, and healthy.

Curation at the Core

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with you. At Alani Organics, we don't just select products; we personalize our recommendations to meet your unique skin needs. Every product on our website earns the Alani Organics Seal of Approval—this means each item is rigorously tested, not only by our partner brands but by our own dedicated team. We ensure that the products do what they promise, so you can see real results.

We also scrutinize every ingredient list thoroughly, adhering to a strict list of banned ingredients that you can review here. Every product is Certified Organic, free of toxins, dangerous chemicals, and Cruelty Free. This is our promise to you. Shop with confidence, knowing you are choosing the best for your skin, your health, and the planet we share.

Join Our Movement

Alani Organics is more than a skincare store —it's a movement. We are devoted to empowering our community to make informed choices, nurturing both personal and planetary well-being.

Join our sisterhood of change-makers redefining beauty standards and championing a healthier, more radiant future.

Expertly Curated Clean Beauty

Discover products that enhance your individual beauty and embody the joy of discovery, all without the guesswork. Our offerings prove that premium quality is derived from nature, inviting you to weave ritual into your daily routines.

Ingredient Integrity

We uphold the highest standards in the beauty industry, selecting only natural, organic, biodynamic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Our commitment to integrity ensures the purity and efficacy of our products.

Formula Efficacy

We champion both innovative and simple solutions in our product formulas. Our selections exemplify the luxurious experiences that 100% organic, natural ingredients can provide, proving that simplicity can be extraordinarily effective.

Meet the Founder & Team

Hi, I’m Georgina, founder of Alani Organics, where we combine a deep commitment to clean, non-toxic beauty with my personal journey in holistic health. My experiences with skin sensitivities, disrupted endocrine glands, and the challenges faced by loved ones have deeply influenced our mission to provide safe, nurturing products, personalized to meet each person’s individual needs.

Additionally, my own journey through IVF has strengthened my dedication to creating and updating products that are free from endocrine disruptors, harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulfates, BHA’s, lead, artificial fragrances, and other toxins.

Expertise in Holistic Health
By becoming a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, I gained profound insights into how toxins affect our health, particularly through the products we use daily. This expertise guides our stringent product selection process, ensuring that every item we offer meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Commitment to Safe, Effective Products
At Alani Organics, every product is meticulously vetted and tested to ensure it meets our strict purity standards. Our curated selection is designed to deliver maximum benefits without compromise, supporting wellness from the outside in. We prioritize organic, biodynamic, and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure that our products protect and enhance your health.

A Community of Care
We see Alani Organics not just as a skincare brand but as a community dedicated to empowering individuals. Our products are tailored to address the unique challenges and needs of our customers, fostering a space where beauty and health go hand in hand.

Join Our Mission
I invite you to join us at Alani Organics, where your wellness is our priority. Together, let’s embrace a journey of beauty, health, and happiness, backed by products that you can trust completely.

Meet the brands

Discover the incredible Organic brands we work with…
We’ve carefully selected each brand partner because we believe in what they do and how they do it. It’s been a journey for us! We’ve scoured the globe to find the best skincare, thanks to those partnerships, we’re confident we’ve found amazing products that are clean, organic, and toxin-free delivering their promise.

Meet Dr. Alkaitis

Meet Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis, known as the 'Godfather of Organic Skin Care,' revolutionized the industry in the early 1990s. A trained Chemist, he championed clean skincare, insisting on using only edible, certified organic, biodynamic, and ethically wild-crafted ingredients.

Dr. Alkaitis crafted products from raw whole plants, preserving their enzymatic activity and therapeutic benefits without exceeding body temperature. He viewed skin as a living organism, formulating adaptogenic complexes to balance it.

Sourcing pristine ingredients worldwide, he hand-manufactured products in California. His daughter's battle with adult cystic acne inspired transformative products, earning him the 'Genius' title. His artistry lay in creating synergies from high-quality ingredients, like "painting with nature."

Though Dr. Alkaitis is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his daughter, Trish Alkaitis, who upholds his vision. Dr. Alkaitis Organics invites you to discover the transformative power of raw skincare, grounded in nature's wisdom, and supported by science.

View Dr. Alkaitis' products here.

Meet INIKA Organics

INIKA Organics began their journey in Sydney in 2006 with a clear mission: to create a cleaner beauty space free from toxic chemicals. They are dedicated to using pure, organic ingredients that enhance your natural radiance. This goal remains unwavering as they continue to expand their presence across 35 countries, while proudly staying 100% Australian-owned.

At INIKA, they believe it is crucial to be aware of what we put on our skin. That’s why they create organic and natural products that are both effective and free from harmful chemicals. As pioneers in the healthy, toxin-free beauty market, INIKA Organics has won over 60 awards for product excellence and innovation, including the Organic Beauty Awards’ Best Skincare Brand 2020. Their products are trusted and used on Fashion Show runways globally, proving their performance under the worldwide beauty spotlight.

They are committed to the highest standards of purity and ethics, holding more Natural and Organic Certifications than any other beauty brand. Their products are Certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Halal, and are always ethically sourced. They rigorously test their ingredients and products to ensure they meet these standards.

Their ingredient promise is simple: 100% Natural, 0% Compromise. They use only 100% natural, vegan ingredients tested for safety and purity, because they believe pure, healthy ingredients are the key to better, more beautiful skin. Their beauty products are certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, halal, and sustainably sourced, offering clinically proven anti-ageing benefits while being gentle on all skin types.

INIKA Organics leads the way in sustainable beauty, using sustainable packaging and tackling the plastic crisis head-on. As the first Plastic Neutral beauty brand, for every kilo of plastic they use, a kilo is collected and recycled. Their new packaging is made from 90% sustainable and reused materials, such as aluminum and glass.

Join INIKA Organics in embracing a pure, healthy, and beautiful future for your skin, your health, and our planet.

View INIKA Organic's products here.

Meet VERED Organic Botanical

Founded in 2010, Vered Organic Botanicals emerged in the niche organic beauty space, born out of love and labor. Vered, the brand's creator, was a devoted skincare holistic practitioner, balancing formulating products, developing her brand, and serving clients through various holistic treatments.

A sudden and debilitating illness lasting eight years, eventually diagnosed as Lyme disease, changed her path. During this challenging time, a friend's suggestion to study herbalism reignited her passion for holistic healing. Despite initial doubts, she enrolled in a course and began creating herbal blends that significantly improved her health. She realized, “If I can heal my body internally, I can heal the skin externally.”

Combining her background in esthetics, aromatherapy, and herbalism, she formulated products that nourish both skin and mind. The brand quickly gained recognition, with features in Vogue and placements in top retailers. Personal challenges taught her to find strength within and set boundaries, focusing on creating products that empower and uplift authentically.

This skincare line is more than a brand; it embodies Vered's soul, with every product crafted from her heart. The hope is that her story offers comfort and strength to those facing adversity. “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

These products use the highest quality organic herbs, plant oils, and therapeutic essential oils, made in small batches in Florida. Discover the transformative power of Vered Organic Botanicals, where holistic healing meets luxury skincare.

View VERED Organic Botanical's products here.

Meet Earth Mama Organics

The original Earth Mama is Melinda Olson, a Mama herself (Grand-Mama and qualified nurse).

In 1997, Melinda started studying medicinal herbs and their healing abilities. This was the start of her journey to founding Earth Mama Organics.

This hobby grew into a passion for plant medicine. Using it heals and supports us during all life stages – even to promote a longer, healthier life.

Earth Mama Organics became a way of life for thousands of others. That was just the beginning, now, Earth Mama Organics is the brand that pregnant Mamas, New Mamas and Mamas beyond count on for safe, healthy, kind and Organic herbal products.

All Earth Mama Organics’ products are USDA Certified 100% Organic by Oregan Tilth, non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Kosher by EarthKosher, Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-free. Earth Mama Organics’ boasts an extensive list of awards: 2021 What to Expect Feeding Awards, The Cribsie Awards Winner 2021, 2020 New Arrival Cribsie Award Academy Star.

Earth Mama Organics beliefs align with Alani Organics’ own beliefs:

  • Do no harm, keeping customers safe and protected.
  • Nature is our pharmacy – there’s always a plant to help!
  • Education empowers, striving to continue learning and sharing information what nature can offer.
  • Honour the body’s ingenuity – helping our bodies to discover their own inner wellness and remove harmful toxins as much as possible.
  • Celebrate Mamahood and connect and support Mamas everywhere!

View Earth Mama Organics' products here.

Meet Edible Beauty, Australia

So good you can eat it! Edible Beauty Australia is focussed on oh-so natural ingredients that are very gentle, extraordinarily kind and bursting with healthy nutrition.

Edible Beauty was founded by Anna Mitsios, a Naturopath working in a fertility clinic. Anna noticed that there was a distinct lack of high quality, pure and gentle skincare products suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas. So - she decided to create her own.

The result is Edible Beauty Australia, a range of outstanding, natural and powerful products that work hard to bring beautiful, healthy skin along with a feeling of tremendous wellbeing. Anna’s products pinpoint the skin’s needs, enriching it with the goodness it needs to look and feel fabulous, from the inside-out.

Anna is a firm believer in whatever you use on your skin should be good enough to ingest and that’s why Edible Beauty’s products are food grade, PETA certified, cruelty-free and backed by her purity promise. Furthermore, Anna’s products use native Australian botanicals known for their extremely high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

All Edible Beauty Australia products and packaging are sustainable. Not only are they safe, packed full of revitalizing nutrients but they’re planet-conscious. The brand has won numerous awards such as the Jones Beauty Awards Winner, Australia Non-toxic Awards 2020 Editor’s Choice Sunscreen, Australia Non-toxic Awards 2020 Bronze Sunscreen, Best of the Green Edit for Best Sunscreen & Tanning, Beauty Shortlist Award 2022 - Editor's Choice and the Beauty Short List Mama and Baby Awards 2022 Editor's Choice.

View Edible Beauty AU's products here.


Meet Brenda Rea, a mother of five, on a heartfelt journey into natural skincare rooted in family and Arizona's well-being. Her quest for a gentle solution to her children's sensitive skin issues led her to the wonders of olive oil.

Joined by partner Perry, they envisioned a mission: to provide fresh, local, extra virgin olive oil to their community, birthing the Queen Creek Olive Mill. Their dedication to stewardship and craftsmanship echoes through every operation, starting with honoring the environment, through meticulous supply chains, to transformative customer experiences.

Brenda's kitchen became a production hub, where she and her three daughters crafted natural remedies. Rave reviews and demand from Queen Creek Olive Mill patrons led to the 2012 establishment of the OLIVESPA studio on-site.

In 2018, youngest daughter Joey joined, enriching their mission with expertise in Western Herbalism, aromatherapy, yoga, and holistic nutrition. Together, they've cultivated a sanctuary of natural, clean, and beautiful skincare rooted in nature.

More than a brand, they're a community united by the Blossom-to-Bottle philosophy, inviting you to a journey of natural, clean living, and the nourishing benefits of olive oil.

View OLIVESPA'S products here.


Lotuswei invites positive wellbeing through the use of therapeutic, natural flower essence.

Founded and created by Katie Heiss, Flower Alchemist, the products are safe, gentle yet so powerful, they could change your mind-set for the better!

Flowers are abundant in healing ingredients and safe for Mamas-to-Be, New Mamas, Mamas and anyone else. Katie’s flower essence are sourced from places such as the British Columbian forests, sacred areas of India, Costa Rican rainforests, Icelandic hot springs and Taiwanese jungles.

The flowers Katie uses in her products are rare, special species that bring positive feelings and better wellbeing through their potent ingredients. The formulas are free from artificial fragrance, phthalates, synthetic and harmful chemicals.

Lotuswei flower essence products are known for their short-term benefits, including a clearer mind, better focus and restful sleep. There’s more, Lotuswei products encourage positive mental wellbeing and personal growth. The collection includes flower elixirs, aura mists, anointing oils, bath salts, serums, chocolate, teas, herbal sodas and more.

View Lotuswei's products here.