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Precious Nursing Mama Essential Pampering Set


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Description & product Benefits

Breastfeeding is so good for your precious little one (but if you’re not breastfeeding, bottle feeding is still very healthy). There’s no doubt that nursing takes its toll on your nipples, and it can be demanding, which might leave you feeling exhausted.

Our Precious Nursing Mama Essentials Set contains six, natural and luxurious products especially curated for you – a Nursing Mama. Each product is designed for nursing, to help you along the way and make you feel, well, more like you again!

Indulge yourself in a set that’s your nursing partner and feel wrapped up in love while you care for your baby. Buy this Precious Nursing Mama Essentials Set for you – or why not treat a friend or loved one to bring some extra pleasure to life as a newborn’s Mama?


The Precious Nursing Mama Essentials Set Contains:

  • Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter.
  • Earth Mama Vegan Nipple Butter.
  • Earth Mama Organic Skin and Scar Balm.
  • 4 x Earth Mama Lip Balms.
  • Earth Mama Organic Milk Maid Tea.
  • Earth Mama Organic No More Milk Tea.


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Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

Earth Mama’s award-winning Organic Nipple Butter is what your nipples long for! This soft, buttery and soothing cream is the product you need when your
nipples are dry, cracked and irritated. Non-sticky, moisturizing and gentle, it gives you that “Aaah!” feeling you want.  Furthermore, it’s non-GMO so
it’s safe for baby too. (Cribsie What to Expect award-winner, 2021). Find out more here.

Earth Mama Vegan Nipple Butter

For vegan Nursing Mamas (and non-vegans too), this is the ultimate in kind, cruelty-free nipple butters. It’s calming, rejuvenating, soft and fluttery and oh-so-buttery. So when your nipples need something restorative to remedy dry, cracked and irritated skin, this product works wonders. Kind to the environment, kind for Mama and super-kind for baby too. (Cribsie What to Expect award-winner 2021). Find out more here.

Earth Mama Organic Skin and Scar Balm

For Mamas who are recovering from a C-section, this is the only product you need! Formulated by a nurse and herbalist, this balm contains incredibly
restorative ingredients, including organic herbs and essential oils, and will help to fade your scar (while also working its magic on surgical scars, burns
and stretch marks too). Cruelty-free and made with love, it’s powerful but super-gentle too. Find
out more here.

4 x Earth Mama Lip Balms

Keeping your lips luscious and kissable, this four-pack of lip balms by Earth Mama is entirely organic. With mouth-watering flavors, including Coconut Smoothie, Lavender Meringue, Mint Herbal and Orange Ginger, each balm is created using organic herbs and oils to maintain hydration and moisture levels. Your lips will be perfectly prepared for soft and fluttery baby kisses! Find out more here.

Earth Mama Organic Milk Maid Tea

Support breast milk production while nursing with all-natural, organic and gentle Earth Mama Milk Maid Tea. This product doesn’t just promote healthy breast milk, but it also comforts and soothes thanks to its organic herbs. Try it ice-cold or perfectly warmed, it’s delicious and nutritious too. Find out more here.

Earth Mama Organic No More Milk Tea

This product has plenty of brilliant benefits for Nursing Mamas who’re producing more milk than needed. Gentle, organic and natural, it contains
anti-galactagogue herbs that safely reduce breast milk production. This healing cup of organic tea is part of the road to recovery post-pregnancy, during post-nursing stage, when weaning or just when you feel a little more emotional than normal (not to be used during pregnancy). Find out more here.

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