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Precious New Baby Ultimate Pampering Set


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Welcome to motherhood – whether you’re a first-time Mama or you’re adding to a growing brood, this is always the most exciting, precious and nerve-wracking time!  To smooth the pathway through early motherhood, Alani Organics presents the Precious New Baby Ultimate Pampering Set. This set has EVERYTHING a New Baby could need for soothing, comforting, kind and natural skincare – as well as caressing self-care products.

Featuring no less than 11 premium quality organic products (and an extra FREE gift too), there’s a reason why this is called the Ultimate Pampering Set! Therapeutic, restorative, healing and nourishing, each product has been carefully curated to bring you and bubba bliss!

Purchase this Precious New Baby Ultimate Pampering Set for someone special who’s just given birth – or give yourself the gift of spectacular wellbeing!

The Precious New Baby Ultimate Pampering Set Contains:

  • Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm.
  • Earth Mama Organic Baby Face, Nose and Cheek Balm.
  • Simply Non-Scents Castille Baby Wash.
  • Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion.
  • Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil.
  • 4 x Earth Mama Lip Balms.
  • Earth Mama Organic Elderberry Immune Tea.
  • Edible Beauty Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen SPF50.
  • Lotuswei Inner Peace Bath Salt.
  • Lotuswei Infinite Love Mist.
  • Earth Mama Eczema Cream

PLUS an extra-special FREE gift to add to this sensational set:

  • Lotuswei Himalayan Pink Salt Dark Chocolate.


*Bow may differ than pictured.

Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

Diaper rash is very common in newborns and older babies and it’s uncomfortable, itchy and can even cause dry, cracked skin.  With Earth Mama’s dermatologically and clinically tested Organic Diaper Balm, your baby won’t feel any irritation.  A calming, soothing and restorative balm it’s packed with organic goodness and is even suitable for sore nipples too. Smother it on and watch your baby gurgle with delight! Find out more here.

Earth Mama Organic Baby Face, Nose and Cheek Balm

Sore cheeks, irritated skin, dribble rashes be-gone with Earth Mama’s extra reassuring and calming Organic Baby Face, Nose and Cheek Balm.  Designed to ease irritated skin with immense gentleness and only kind, organic ingredients, it’s rich, satisfying and works quickly to reduce your little one’s discomfort. We’ll let you into a secret, this product is perfect for kids, mums, dads and anyone else who’s looking for extra moisturizing! Find out more here.

Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Castile Baby Wash

For newborn skins and extra-sensitive skins, this fragrance-free, super-mild body wash is the perfect choice.  It’s gentle, kind and cleansing.  Use it in your baby’s bath (and treat yourself too), Castile soap is a great germ-buster without harming delicate little skins.  Dermatologically and clinically tested – it’s perfect for baby (and all the family too). Find out more here. 

Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion

For that extremely delicate new baby skin, the Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion soothes and cares using only the gentlest, kindest organic ingredients.  Keep your baby’s skin super-smooth and velvety-soft, protecting it from irritation and aggravation. This dermatologically and clinically tested product contains a combination of organic herbs and oils for deep moisturizing and hydration.  Find out more here.

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil

Pure and gentle, that’s the essence of Earth Mama’s Calendula Baby Oil.  Use this soothing, calming and delicate baby oil to carefully massage your baby.  Baby massage is such a pleasurable activity for you and your baby to do together and this oil is perfectly blended with gentle essential oils (without artificial fragrance or nut oils).  Blissful and moisturizing, for silky-soft baby limbs and even for use on the top of baby’s head. Find out more here.

Earth Mama Lip Balms

Keeping your lips luscious and kissable, this four-pack of lip balms by Earth Mama is entirely organic.  With mouth-watering flavors, including Coconut Smoothie, Lavender Meringue, Mint Herbal and Orange Ginger, each balm is created using organic herbs and oils to maintain hydration and moisture levels.  Your lips will be perfectly prepared for all those deliciously soft and fluttery new baby kisses! Find out more here.

Earth Mama Organic Elderberry Immune Tea

Becoming a New Mama is an exhilarating but often very tiring experience and there are lots of late nights and early mornings to contend with (not to mention broken sleep too).  Plus you’re on the go all day and this takes its toll on immunity.  Give yours a boost with the 100% Organic Elderberry Immune Tea by Earth Mama which is rich in nutrients that are known to bolster a flagging immune system. Find out more here.

Edible Beauty Basking Beauty Sunscreen (SPF50)

Protect your delicate skin with this reef friendly, safe Vitamin E infused, plant-based sunscreen, especially designed to keep those harmful rays away and increase moisture levels.  With all-natural ingredients and absolutely zero nasties, there’s no risk to baby and no risk to you, just super-smooth, super-soft and well-looked after skin. (SPF50 UVA/UVB protection). (Jones Beauty Awards Winner Australia Non-toxic Awards 2020, Editor’s Choice Sunscreen. Australia Non-toxic Awards 2020 Bronze Sunscreen. Best of the Green Edit for Best Sunscreen & Tanning. Beauty Shortlist Award 2022 - Editor's Choice). Find out more here.

Lotuswei Inner Peace Bath Salt

AnyMama-to-Be will tell you how much she appreciates luxuriating in the bath.Adding Inner Peace Bath Salts from Lotuswei takes that appreciation to a whole new level!These bath salts are all-natural and relax the limbs while calming a busy mind. Infused with a multitude of delicious flower essence, including Pink Lotus, Hibiscus and Geranium Oil, feel completely refreshed.Go on, take the weight off (quite literally!). Find out more here.

Lotuswei Infinite Love Mist

Feel the love – for yourself of course (and for your growing baby too), this Love Mist by Lotuswei is all-natural and kind, brimming over with healthy, organic and gentle ingredients to soothe, calm and refresh a busy mind and bring feelings of serenity back  Containing flower essence including Pink Magnolia, Hong Kong Orchid, Hawkweed and more.  New Mama,  envelope yourself in self-care! Find out more here.

Earth Mama Eczema Cream.

Just as good for baby as it is for you – this organic, natural Eczema Cream by Earth Mama is approved by the National Eczema Association.  Banish itchy, red, cracked and broken skin by smoothing on this deliciously soothing cream, made with all-natural ingredients including organic herbs.  Use this for any angry rash – it’s even suitable for use on the eyelids.  So gentle, you can smother this on during pregnancy too. Find out more here.

Lotuswei Himalayan Pink Salt Dark Chocolate.

It’s official! Dark chocolate is good for you. Did you know that dark chocolate contains
antioxidants? Antioxidants are important natural armour that keep your immune system and skin protected from attackers.  Not only that but this dark chocolate is uber delicious (one piece is never enough but treat yourself – you’re a Mama-to-Be and you deserve it! This recipe includes all-natural, genuine pink Himalayan salt and it’s infused with flower essence to encourage feelings of tranquillity. Go on, take a bite! Find out more here.


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