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OLIVESPA - Gentle Baby Oil


2 oz (travel size)
Description & product Benefits
Indulge your precious little one with the enchanting all-natural baby oil by OLIVESPA. This isn't just baby skincare; it's a delightful ritual of love and care! Imagine the joy as you lovingly massage your baby with this gentle, pure goodness. It's like a soft, loving hug in a bottle. Plus, it's Mama-approved, so both of you can bask in its natural wonders. We're all about the magic of nature and say goodbye to those chemical toxins. What's left is pure, clean, baby-fresh skin that'll make you both smile from ear to ear. And guess what? It's completely coconut-free, so even those with allergies can enjoy its benefits. Baby's softness and Mama's peace of mind – all in one bottle!
Why we love it

This gentle Baby Oil is a game-changer for you and your family. It's a soothing, non-greasy lotion that becomes a cherished part of your routine. Applying it after your baby's bath becomes a joyous ritual. It's incredible for sensitive skin, delivering noticeable results in just days. A clean and safe must-have!

How to use

Simply grab your baby's clean skin and start a soothing massage from their adorable head to those tiny toes. Imagine you're giving them a spa day fit for a royal baby. Don't forget to pay extra attention to any dry spots that need a little extra TLC. They'll thank you with lots of smiles and warmth! And guess what? This isn't just for the little bundles of joy; you can even treat your grown-up loved one to this pampering experience!


*Olea europaea (high polyphenol extra virgin olive) fruit oil infused with *calendula, *lavender, *chamomile, and *plantain leaf.

*Organic/organically grown


No Fragrance. All Natural.

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