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Dr. Alkaitis - Organic Travel Kit Deluxe

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Description & product Benefits

Presenting Dr. Alkaitis' 8-Piece Organic Travel Kit Deluxe, meticulously designed for eco-conscious travelers. Dr. Alkaitis' holistic skincare collection is a testament to his commitment to crafting effective raw skin food that treats your skin as the complete organism it is, providing balanced nourishment and a healthy glow.

Dr. Alkaitis' approach centers on using raw, high-quality organic ingredients in their natural state to ensure optimal therapeutic benefits. He harnesses the power of whole plants to create adaptogenic complexes, preserving their enzymatic activity by never heating beyond body temperature.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or prone to acne, Dr. Alkaitis' Holistic Skin Food seeks to restore balance, just as nature intended. Rest assured, this skincare is not only holistic but also safe for pregnant women, offering a nourishing and harmonizing experience for your skin on your eco-conscious journey. 

Trust Dr. Alkaitis for a holistic, safe, and nourishing skincare experience that embraces nature's wisdom.

Eco-Friendly Highlights:

  • Earth-friendly Style: Crafted from recycled cotton, the TSA-approved bag isn't just stylish; it's an eco-friendly choice that supports our planet's well-being.

  • Waterproof Wonder: Beyond its aesthetics, this bag boasts water-resistant properties. Your travel essentials will remain protected and dry, even in unpredictable weather conditions.


The Organic Lineup:

  1. Purifying Facial Cleanser (1 fl oz | 30 ml): A mild, non-drying cleanser to keep your face fresh and clean.

  2. Herbal Toner (1 fl oz | 30 ml): This organic tonic hydrates and balances your skin.

  3. Soothing Gel (1 fl oz | 30 ml): An all-in-one solution with anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for post-shave, acne treatment, oily skin serum, treats acne, rashes, bites, eczema, and more.

  4. Nourishing Treatment Oil (1 fl oz | 30 ml): Deeply moisturize and revitalize your skin, suitable for the face, scalp, hair, and body.

  5. Travel-sized Day Crème (7 ml): A convenient day cream for a refreshing start to your day.

  6. Travel-sized Night Crème (7 ml): Allow your skin to rejuvenate during the night with this nourishing cream.

  7. Travel-sized Eye Crème (3 ml): Pamper your eyes with this travel-friendly eye cream.

  8. Travel-sized Beautifying Mask (7.5 g): Enjoy a spa-like experience on the go with this rejuvenating mask.


Whether you're venturing to the beach, mountains, or any destination in between, this 8-Piece Organic Travel Kit Deluxe stands as the eco-savvy explorer's ultimate companion. Equipped with sustainable charm, weather resilience, and safe for pregnant and nursing women, it's ready to elevate your travel adventure.


Edible organic, biodynamic and ethically wild-crafted whole plant; root, stem, leaf and flower in their raw state. Never heating ingredients above body temperature. High Vibrational Skincare.

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