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Tips for Tightening Up Loose Skin after Pregnancy

Tips for Tightening Up Loose Skin after Pregnancy

Mama - having a baby makes your body work really hard! Doubtless, your body is incredible – it’s growing a tiny human and it’s on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s constantly on-the-go, even when you take a nap. Every part of your body is working more than it has done before to look after you, your baby, and deal with all those hormones shooting through it.   

The organ that endures the most changes is your skin. It stretches as your womb grows to carry your baby comfortably and as it happens rapidly, you might notice that stretch marks appear. The good news is that they often fade, so that they’re almost unnoticeable once your body settles down again. Some disappear altogether. However, sometimes skin doesn’t retain its elasticity without a little help, and some stubborn stretch marks won’t go away.

Luckily, Alani Organics is here to help you get rid of loose skin and stretch marks!


Keep drinking water because it’s so good for you and your body. Your skin needs hydration, it helps to plump up skin and tighten saggy areas. Remember, your body is made up of 90% H2O so keep it topped up with 2 litres of water a day. Water also flushes out toxins and impurities, so your skin looks clear, refreshed, plump and glows with good health. Keep a bottle close to you all the times and take regular sips.


You already know how good breastfeeding is for your Bubba, but it’s also good for you. It helps shift any pregnancy weight and encourages skin to tighten up. As soon as the weight drops off, you’ll see a remarkable difference and your skin should start to go back to how it was before you were pregnant. 


If you don’t do exercise already then try at least 20 minutes every day (nothing vigorous during pregnancy though). Not only will it help to tighten up your skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but it builds muscle which tightens skin. Sit ups for loose skin around the belly will also help tighten skin. At the very least, take your baby out in their buggy and go for daily, brisk walks to get the heart rate pumping blood around your body.

Avoid Crash Dieting and Eat Well

Don’t be tempted to crash diet. Skipping meals will only leave you feeling low on energy, and you need plenty of that to cope with your little one. While it might be tempting to shift a few extra pounds, once you stop, you’ll put it back on when you start eating properly again. Just make healthy choices, include all the food groups in your diet and plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein of your choice.   


Try massaging your skin with a quality product to encourage lymphatic drainage and boost skin elasticity. We can’t recommend Earth Mama Belly Oil enough, which contains Organic Calendula, jojoba oil, borage oil and orange blossom (cruelty free, intensely moisturizing and comforting – definitely the best skincare while pregnant). This cream helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your belly, hips, breast and thighs. Featuring an abundance of herb-infused oils, it protects your skin’s elasticity while keeping it super-soft to the touch.

A Quality Stretch Mark Cream

Another product that Alani Organics swears by is Earth Mama Belly Butter. This dermatologically tested cream is thick and satisfying, protecting your skin from dryness and reducing irritation, but it also helps to maintain elasticity. The cream is so good, it won the award for Best Stretch Mark Cream for Morning Sickness (Medical News Today). Use it on your hips, breasts, belly and anywhere else that you’re experiencing stretch marks. It’s totally Organic and contains nourishing herbs and essential oils. We also believe that this is the best skincare while pregnant to use to combat stretch marks.


Strength Training

Complement your cardio with strength training which is excellent for building muscle and tightening the skin. Try light weights and lots of reps. Alternatively, if you prefer something more cerebral, try Pilates or Yoga, there are so many online classes (check out Boho Beautiful on YouTube or Yoga with Adriene). Good for the mind and the body, if you need to reenergize or calm yourself, both are excellent options.

Staying Positive

Negative thoughts won’t help and if you’re feeling down because your body’s changed, then reverse that feeling and remind yourself that it takes time for your body to recover. Try out the above tips and remind yourself that while your body may not entirely return to how it was pre-pregnancy, you still look fabulous! Skin tightening takes time – be patient and love how you look. You’ve just performed a miracle, your body is incredible, it’s something to be proud of!